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Cable Harnesses

Cable Harnesses & Wiring Looms

WH Kemp has been producing Wiring looms for demanding customers for almost 50 years. We work through 9 production cells, with each cell led by a Team leader and made up of technicians who are trained specialists in certain types of cable harness assembly.

WH Kemp's employees are trained to work to IPC standards. WH Kemp is authorised by UL in addition to being certified to ISO 9001.

During customer visits we always encourage a meeting with the relevant Cell leader and their team of technicians. We also encourage all our people to take an interest in our customers' business and understand their specific needs and requirements. When practicable, we also encourage customers to allow members of our production team to visit their factories to appreciate how our cable harnesses are being used.

Our purpose built factory has been set up in a way that enables WH Kemp to produce a wide variety of wiring harnesses, (in addition to box builds and panel assemblies) For example, one area of our factory allows for the efficient manufacturer of very large wiring looms, this being established to build cable harnesses for large commercial vehicles. Other areas are set up in a way best suited to undertake small and complex cable looms and other specialist electrical assemblies.

As you would expect of a company of WH Kemp's standing we have an array of cable cutting, stripping and crimping machinery. Additionally WH Kemp hold thousands of hand tools for the manufacture of specialist cable looms in addition to a large array of specialist machine tools. We also carry a large range of raw materials that enable a fast response to meet our customer requirements for wiring looms.

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